Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Radio Resource - "Artists Helping Artists"

July 24, 2013

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When I first started learning to paint, I was amazed at how accessible well known artists are to those learning to paint.  I was surprised when looking through an art magazine I saw that an artist whose book I had just purchased was teaching a class within driving distance from me.  I wrote about that experience on an earlier blog about Joe Anna Arnett.

I was awed by the generosity of  Leslie Saeta in offering a marketing challenge where she shared so much information new to me about marketing. 

Another recent discovery for me was a blog radio show called "Artists Helping Artists".    You can listen to it on your computer or phone and it is usually about an hour long. The host is Leslie Saeta, the person who offered the 30 day online challenge.  Currently, she a has a co-host, Laurie G. Miller, who also offers all kinds of helpful information.  They chat together offering more ideas than you could ever use.  Thank you to them for doing this valuable show

The link to the show is listed below.   Every week it is filled with great ideas.  I am listening to it right now. This week's show is about "How to Boost Summer Sales".   In fact they gave me the idea of having a studio sale.  They list what needs to be done with advertising.

(This is off the subject, but I recently was interviewed by a high school student who is thinking about becoming an artist.  One recommendation I gave her was to take some business and marketing classes along with her art program.)

Here is the link to the show:

Artists Helping Artists 

Now I have the idea to have a Studio Sale.  I need to pick a date, figure out what kind of discount to offer.  Maybe end of summer sale?

My plan is to create an album on facebook with Studio Sale items plus show a few on my blog. 

Here are a few that will be on sale:  (I'm still thinking about what kind of discount to offer)

These are all at Liberty Town Arts Workshop, but also listed at Daily Paintworks

18 x 25 - 575 (narrow black frame with gold trim on inside)

18 x 36 (?)  Price listed on Daily Paintworks

12 x 12 Green Shutter - 325 - wide black frame

Roses on Carpet - 12 x 16

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  1. Hi Carol,
    It is wonderful how helpful and generous people like Leslie are to other artists. I hope they know how much it means.
    Your work is beautiful. Good luck with the Studio Sale!