Monday, July 29, 2013

more about resources that help learn to paint

July 29, 2013 -  Magazines can teach you a lot....

American Art Collector and Southwest Art show the paintings of contemporaries artists, information about collecting art, art galleries and more.  American Art Review includes more about painters and paintings from the past, but still has the work of some current artists.  It is so inspiring to look at these magazines that you will want to paint after just looking at one magazine.  

It is so nice to get one in the mail, get a glass of wine and enjoy looking at any one of them.

 ( this one has some good information about price history of current artists and their art)

No one has taken me up on my offer of a sample of each magazine that I subscribe to now.  You may think I am just trying to get rid of them, but it is just the opposite,  I would probably hang onto them until we have to move.   I have given my students a few.  Really, down deep I know I cannot keep these hundreds of magazines.  (I left a box at LibertyTown Arts Workshop on the shelves near the  window). Please help yourself to any magazines in Studio 26.

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