Monday, July 22, 2013

Another great resource

July 22, 2013

DVD's are another great resource for learning to paint...

Over the years I've collected a few  DVD's that I watch over and over.  Yesterday I wanted to work on a landscape so just to review I looked at the DVD by Scott Christiansen.  His workshops are supposed to be great, but traveling to Idaho probably won't happen for me so these DVD's are the next best thing.    His demonstrations on mixing  using a limited palette are very helpful.  His use of grays is something I've really come to believe is important in landscape and still life paintings. 
I haven't given up on taking a Scott Christiansen workshop though.  They call it boot camp for painters. 

He does three demonstrations starting with a white canvas and ending with a finished painting. 

I'm still working on the one I started yesterday.  It's from a photo of Chopawamsic Creek near Quantico, Va.  My painting a day program is off the track though. 



  1. Hi Carol. I am from the Ultimate nice to meet you. This was such a great post. I love to paint and have that on my bucket list. You so inspire me with your painting so beautifully and using DVD's to tweak your talents. What DVD's would you recommend to someone starting out with water colors if they are a novice? Thanks again and come visit me.
    Sending you Happiness,
    Wendy Baudín

    1. Hi Wendy,
      I am always excited to hear about someone wanting to paint. There is a book that I really like by Mary Whyte called Watercolor for the Serious Beginner. Her work is breathtaking. She has at least one DVD. Two others that I have and like are ones by Pat Weaver and Charles Ried. They both use vibrant color. Best of luck to you. I just love painting, too.