Friday, July 12, 2013

Composition #9

July 12, 2013

I'm up to 9 topics on composition.  I wonder how long I can on about this. 

It's helping me put more time into the planning process of designing what to paint.  I remember one teacher who maintains you should do 7 or 8 thumbnails, then pick the best one. 

Correction from yesterday:  Value Viewer is the name of the app I suggested.  It is for the iphone, but might be available for others.  I don't know about that part.   - The name of the painting is of course, "FIESTA"

I have always loved Fiesta Ware and finally gave in and bought some because it was on sale at Kohl's and using the Senior discount who could resist such a find and now I even have a new subject with lots of colors.  I got a set for 8.  At my age, it is the last thing I need, but what a bargain and best of all, a subject for paintings.  Great rational. 

So now I have a subject, what about composition?

Using my Value Viewer I kept rearranging, then added the fabric until I got a dark shape that created a path through the painting.  ( one of those armatures and a strong dark shape including the shadow side of the cups) 

I watched Carol Marine's ArtByte  on Composition that is available at Daily Paintworks for a reasonable price and once it is in your library you can watch it over and over. 

The book she recommends is called  The Simple Secret of Better Painting.

I posted more things about composition, tips and books on my Boards, the first three shown under my name.  The link is shown below.   I hope you create your own boards that show strong compositions.  It has helped me to do it.

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