Monday, July 8, 2013

Compostion #6

Composition #6


Use of Diagonal

Using pinterest has been a big help in looking for examples of good compositions. 

When I look back at my own paintings I was surprised how often I use this.  I put quite a few examples on the pinterest board of just a few of mine and a lot of other artists.  I noticed that the artist Joe Mackenzie has a beautiful painting of a view in Vermont on the Daily Paintworks website using this in her composition.   (I couldn't get it to "pin" to my board from the DPW website so I will include a link to her blog that shows it.)

Joe Mackenzie's Blog

Ian Roberts warns that the diagonal is so dynamic that you have to soften it as it reaches the edges of the canvas otherwise it will carry you right out of the painting.  (See page 20 in his book, Mastering Composition).      I had another teacher say that the use of the  diagonal is very strong in a painting.  You can find all kinds of paintings with that zig-zag movement throughout.  I've noticed that sometimes it is a very subtle gestural thing. 


6 x 6
The top painting of the French street is such a minor use of the diagonal, but it you pictured that line to be flat, it would change the painting for the worse, same is true of the little birdie. 

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