Sunday, September 15, 2013

Painting Demo

Painting Demo  (click on Painting Demo to see video, I hope)

I tried using Animoto again for a demo.  The first time I did it with text  and I went over the limit for the free service.  I'll have to think about whether I want to spend the extra five dollars a month for the expanded version. 

Last time I did this a few people said they could see the video.  Only the words of the title shows up on the blog.

Here are the steps with photos, the old-fashioned way:

Step 1 -Tone the surface, I chose this warm color to reinforce some of the colors I would be using in the painting.  The gold color will make the yellows sing.

After I did the drawing, I wiped it off so the wash wouldn't mix with the next layer, something I learned from Carol Marine in here ArtByte on Daily Paintworks

Step 2 - Use a wash (paint thinned with OMS) of the shadow color, a dark grayed out version of the object's color. 

Paint the darks so they go outside the lines, it will help with creating soft edges later.
Step 3 - Start adding the lights and background.  The last steps of the painting include adding more detail, highlights, refining edges to include sharp ones at the focal point and soft one elsewhere.  I use the paints that I have used to mix the colors in the painting to create a neutral background.  At this point I think about including temperature variation within both the lights and darks.

(I forgot to take photos in these last steps.  It happens every time I plan a demo.  It must be because you get so carried away in the last steps of a painting.  Next time I will set a timer. 

Last step is to post this on Daily Paintworks and the 30 day Challenge. 
15 more days to go on the Challenge. 


  1. Thanks-this helps a lot. I didn't know about wiping down the drawing so it doesn't blend - makes sense. Also I didn't know about painting a grayed down wash and letting it go over the edge. What is OMS? I enjoyed these step by steps.

  2. I watched one of Carol Marine's ArtByte's that show that part about going outside the lines. She shows it on lights and darks. I love the way she does edges. Oms is odorless minerals spirits, I should have written it out. I like Gamsol the best.

    I like the way you showed the drawing you used for the green and purple apples with the golden mean. Did you do the diagonal lines before you drew the apples or after the apples were in place?

    I haven't started my challenge yet. Yikes!

  3. I do it either way. Sometimes I start my sketch with the grid and diagonals and place my objects and lately I have been doing a rough sketch, placing a transparent grid on top and moving it around for the best crop. I have a tendency to use too much negative space and this helps zero in on what I want to be my focal point. OMS - what is obvious at 4 in the afternoon was very obscure at 6 in the morning. Thanks for the help

  4. Carol, thank you for posting step by step photos. I am still learning and your posts are inspiring. Your art and posts are a joy to see and read! :)

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate what you said. I'll keep adding demos. I was thinking of including the lesson plans I use with my students. I'm not sure what to write about next.