Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ways to Improve your Paintings

September 25, 2013


Paint the same thing more than once

It's not something I do all the time, but every time I try it, I think why don't I do this more often.

Which one did I do first?     Which one do you like better?  

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I toned one with a really light color and the other was dark. 

Both 6 x 6

Today I put one on Daily Paintworks of some cups with a little pitcher and a couple days before I did one using the same cups, but with a sugar bowl.  I'm going to do one more with those cups because I made the sugar bowl so big it might overpower the cups so I'll try another one with a smaller sugar bowl.  The title will be "Sugar Daddy".  I just love that title.  On facebook I already renamed the first one "Sugar Daddy".  (Remember that post a few days ago about titles.  I'm trying to do better with that.)

I can't think of anything too interesting for these titles.  Ideas?

Daily Paintworks - link to see cup paintings

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