Thursday, March 20, 2014

Online Research

March 20, 2014

Online Research

You probably do this already, but I just discovered a website that was inspiring and educational to look at and admire. 

Here is the link:

If you look around this website there is even a place where you can submit paintings for a critique by the artist. 

Here is the painting I worked on yesterday, trying to conquer painting children.  Hannah is another granddaughter, adorable in every way.  I'm still working on Maddie's painting.  My son told me that he showed it to her and that she liked it.  She is also adorable.  Maybe my older granddaughters (also adorable- I might be biased)  should send me more of their favorite photos of themselves.  (Hint)  It will help me gain confidence to keep practicing.  I like the action shots.  I'm working up to faces. 

(underpainting - approx. 11 x 14)

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