Friday, March 28, 2014

Dreama Tolle Perry Workshop

Dreama's Workshop

I really loved this workshop.  Dreama's painting have such vivid color and beautiful brushwork. 

I took the workshop last April, but never included much from my notes.  Here are the highlights of what I learned:

Paint the under painting in transparent oils using a medium (the one I use is 1 part damar varnish, 2 parts stand oil or linseed oil, 3 parts gamsol)


You probably have most of the ones she recommended they include:  indian yellow, transparent red, alizarin, magenta, ultramarine blue, Caribbean blue


Then the next layer, paint with only opaque's like the cad colors, and  white mixed into transparent. (Dreama used Shiva Ice Blue, too,)   Don’t use medium in this layer, just fresh paint.  When you paint over the transparent let the darks peek through.  If you use a light touch the paints mix into the underpainting, but if you really load up your brush with lots of paint the brush strokes sit on top.


Use big brushes and think of you brushstrokes as putting down confetti pieces of color. 


It’s really a fun way of doing a painting.  Sometimes I use all of her techniques, other times just parts of it. 



This one was done from one of the photo's from class.

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