Thursday, March 13, 2014

Getting ready for a workshop with Diane Tesler

March 13, 2014

  This weekend LibertyTown Arts Workshop is hosting a workshop with Diane Tesler from the Art League in Alexandria, VA.  Usually I spend a day or day getting my materials organized and ready to go and that's all.  This time I am going to spend time doing some studies so that I have good choices of subjects ready to paint.  Since I'm doing the Fredericksburg series I'm getting photos together and working out compositions. 

Yesterday, I did some drawings and studies.  I was happy with my last study until I saw the post on DPW.  It looked so flat and I saw some drawing errors, all of which I tried to correct this morning.  If I had used my checklist I would have caught the errors before posting.  I need to post my checklist, but usually when something goes wrong it is either a drawing error or a value problem.  The "flat" look tends to be lack of temperature changes.  Now that I think about it, the painting looked better in the early stages.  Adding too much detail hurt my painting.  So maybe I will do another one. 


Still looking for good photos from my array of thousands of disorganized ones and hoping to get more through email.  (entries for this month's give-away)

This photo I used was sent to me as an entry into my Fredericksburg series.  Thank you to you for sending it. 

I'll put the notes from my class here on my blog next week.  Between today and Saturday I'll be working on more ideas for the class. 

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