Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More from Workshop and Auction on Daily Paintworks

March 19, 2014

More about the Workshop with Diane Tesler

On the second day of the workshop I decided to try doing a figure because I wanted to learn as much as I could about painting skin tones especially with children.  Diane's help gave me confidence and the courage to paint a big version of the studies I did recently of one of my granddaughters. 


Skin tones for children are the same as adults.  There is no separate formula. Watch for proportions and planes when painting children.

Colors generally used for skin tones - yellow ochre, viridian and cad red light along with white.  Keep lightening and darkening from that mixture.  For shadows:   mix of  viridian and thalo rose or permanent rose to make a lavender. 

Good gray = yellow ochre, permanent rose and ub

(you can get to a gray by using almost any version of RYB)

Thank you to Diane Tesler for this outstanding workshop.


I am trying out the auction at Daily Paintworks. I might have put my starting bids too low, if you know of anyone who wants some 6 x 6 paintings for a very low price ($10) here are some good bargains.

Click on title for link:

 (starting bid = $10)

All auctions can be found at link below:

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