Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Page on my Blog

March 22, 2014
I added a page to my blog as an experiment and am not even sure if I did it correctly.  There were some instructions about this when I opened the Design page with encouragement to add pages.  Anyway,  I would appreciate some feedback about whether it worked.  I turned it into an archive page because that is all I could think of as a way to use it.  I think you can get to it by clicking on the word archive under the banner. 


  1. I like your archive page. It's really fun seeing a grouping of your paintings all together. I think you did a fine job on your new page tab!

  2. Thank You, Meredith. You have such a nice way of putting things. I always wondered how to put tabs at the top of the blog page. It only took me about a year to figure it out and that was really by accident.