Thursday, January 30, 2014

Learn to Paint

January 30, 2014

Part of my reason for having a blog is to include lessons and exercises that will help someone learn to paint, but with blogs that information gets lost in the archives.  I was thinking that a "search button" on my blog would help with that problem.  I hate to admit this, but I  installed one awhile ago, but forgot that it was there.  I moved it to the top right of this page.  I checked it out and it really does work.

There are  lessons embedded in old archives. 

Search for:

color mixing
how to start a painting
color boards
painting loosely

 (other search words work, but I know these do)

The topics are on one of my pinterest boards, too.  (Click on "pinterest")

Emphasis on loose brushwork - listed on Daily Paintworks

(This reminds me of the wonderful pies my mother used to make.  The napkins belonged to my grandmother.  It is a very sentimental painting for me.    My daughter-in-law has tried to teach me to make pie crust.  She makes great pies, too, and so does my son.  I am better at eating pie. 


  1. Your painting is entirely yummy looking. If you hadn't told us of the sentiment in its elements, I'd have felt it anyway. Homey and nostalgic. Nicely done, Carol!

  2. I love this Carol. I have been painting food myself so relate in every way. I clicked on your Pinterest site and pinned some of your pins.

  3. Beautiful ... comfort food.. well rendered.

  4. ... and you are an absolute master at painting it! Yum yum yum!!!