Friday, January 10, 2014

30 Day Challenge

January 10, 2014

Over the holidays I watched the DVD set by Quang Ho.  It was so inspirational.  He summarized the important concepts so well and demonstrated while describing his ideas about what is important in a painting. 

While I was painting this little one (6 x 6) I kept thinking about what he said about shapes and values and painting the light.

I'm including this in the "30 Day Challenge", but am embarrassed to say this is only the 3rd painting for me and it is day 10.  I was obsessed with organizing my studio and it is still not finished, but I can let go for awhile and get back to painting.

I'll put this on ETSY.  So far that is working well.  I'm mailing the salt and pepper shakers today.  Here is a photo of that one.  I figured out how to put the mini-ETSY shop on the side of the blog.  The instructions were pretty good.

Wow, this photo is really bad, that is why improving my photo taking skills is one of my goals.  The painting looks better than the photo.  

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  1. Both of these paintings are so nice. Love the salt and pepper shakers though.