Thursday, January 9, 2014

Still Organizing

January 9, 2014

NEWSLETTER  - one last item for goals from last year

I forgot to add sending out a newsletter  to "Things I did last year that worked".  I am mentioning this because it is probably the best way to publicize your art.  I think it was the most helpful so if you are just starting to market your art, it is probably the first thing to do.  I use Microsoft Publisher to do mine.  I've looked into "Mail Chimp" and other online services, but they are still too complicated for me. 


1 - I left lots of magazines on the table at my studio for anyone who would like them.  It is hard to give them away, but with downsizing on the horizon, it must be done.  There are more come.  I started working on the basement, too. 

2.  I reduced the prices on some of my gallery paintings at LibertyTown.  I need to make room for new paintings.  I have more paintings at home to take to LibertyTown, that's next.

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