Friday, May 17, 2013

Painting from yesterday
I did make a few changes, but very tiny ones.  The main change was the dark green area,  top right in the flowers.  The darkness of it made it look like a hole.   Then I put a little pink in the green of the  background.  I could hear Dreama's voice telling me to do that (from the workshop I took with
 Dreama Tolle Perry).  Doing the underpainting in transparent colors really makes the final layer so much brighter.  Thank you to Dreama for helping me with that. 
Our assignment for Day 17 of the marketing challenge was to think about the concept "call to action", another new one on me.  For example, asking friends on facebook to SHARE so that your paintings reach more people.  I tried it, but what if nobody clicks on share.  So far I have followed every one of the challenges and I didn't want to skip a challenge.  If anyone knows of a more diplomatic way to ask people to share your work with their friends, please let me know.