Saturday, May 25, 2013

My frames arrived.....

Yesterday my frames from Tennessee arrived.  Franken frames is my favorite place to order frames. 
They can be made to any size, right down to the half inch. Plus they have a great selection of frames.  The ones that you see here are #6629 (black with gold - 2 inches).  I am very excited about these because I really like the way they look with the bright colors. They are very solid and made of real wood.  I have come to realize the importance of having the right frame on the right painting.  On top of all this, they are so nice to deal with especially in helping you meet deadlines. 

Here is the link to Franken Frames

These are the three paintings I did in the workshop with Dreama Tolle Perry, an artist I admired long before I took the class because of her skill with color, brush work and composition.  I've described in earlier posts her technique. 

  (I didn't crop these too tightly so you could see the entire frame).  12 x 12's

Ready for First Friday at LibertyTown. 


  1. Your paintings look georgous in these frames. I love black frames, they seem to compliment many types of paintings. And thanks for the framer tip.

  2. Thanks for sharing your framing source. I love buying local, but, am glad to have a recommended online resource!