Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 19 of the Marketing Challenge:

Leslie's Marketing Challenge

Until today I have completed every assignment, but today's idea of putting a video on your blog was out of my reach.  I read the suggested information and checked out the editing/settings that are part of the process.  Another snag is that I don't have any videos to present, unless videos of my  grandchildren or my dog Ziva would interest anyone. 

Instead I am sharing two ideas that I really like.  One is a container for your paints that keeps them organized while you paint.  The other idea is to use the top of an old sock on your palette.  The way I use it is to swipe the brush over it and it removes excess paint, part of keeping your brush clean to achieve strong and vibrant color:

This idea is from The Dreama Tolle Perry workshop.    If you look closely, you will see the paints are organized according to the color wheel.  The front row is yellow, red, blue.  The second row is secondary colors and so on.  I bought this one at Michael's with a 40% off coupon. 

This is my own invention, sort of a recycling thing. What else can you do with old socks?  Just pull the brush across the ribs and it helps keep it clean.  It lasts for one painting session, then you can use the other side.  Saves on paper towels.
Almost finished painting from today, I 'm too tired to finish it today and, anyway, I need to get away from it and re-evaluate tomorrow. 

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