Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 27 of the Marketing Challenge

I can hardly believe it is day 27 of the marketing challenge.  Thank you to Leslie Saeta's generosity in sharing her amazing knowledge.  On top of this she has beautiful paintings!
Here is the link to her blog.  Click on this to get to Leslie's Blog 

Our challenge today was to use another social media, like Pinterest.  I did stumble across it a short time ago and mentioned it on an earlier post, but I never knew you could put a price on something and use key words in the description of the item.  I've added 10 new paintings (our assignment) and edited a lot because I did not understand previously about using keywords. So much to learn.

I realized, too, that for the most part, I have not put the size of the paintings.  I corrected a few, but am going to save that for sometime later. 

I'm putting the Follow me on Pinterest logo at the top right side of the page.  I somehow did that a couple a weeks ago and couldn't tell you how right now.  My lesson is to write these things down somewhere. 
I just pinned this onto my board.  My son's sneakers from when he was a baby 35 years ago.  I'm going to give him this painting. 

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