Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 30 of the Marketing Challenge---GRADUATION. 

I'm including a link to today's challenge especially because Leslie has put the entire challenge into the form of an e-book.  I've been taking notes here and there and was thinking this morning how I need to make a complete list of the tasks for each day.  What a dream come true, Leslie did all the work. 

You can get the e-book here


One of the best things about this challenge was meeting other artists through cyberspace.   Seeing the amazing work of others, their ideas and ways of creating blogs, websites, and much more has been inspiring to me.  The generosity and spirit of helping is heartwarming.  Thank you so much to others in the challenge. 

Wish we could get together for donuts!
How to make a collage, one of many things I learned.

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