Saturday, May 18, 2013

How not to Frame

I have made quite a few mistakes in framing.  Here are a few examples.  Please note that I like the frames, not the choice of what I put in the frame. 

Mistake #1

The cow goes right to the edge of the frame.  The subject can go all the way off, but not "kiss" the edge of the canvas/frame or should be completely inside the frame's edge.  The one of the turnips below the cow painting is positioned nicely.  I may end up re-framing these (what I mean is, ask my husband to re-do them. I am lucky because my husband does all my framing)  He finishes off the back of each painting with archival paper and nice wiring.) 

Here are the examples:

Top of cow's head and left ear are "kissing" the edge of the frame. Not good.

Positioned nicely within the boundaries of the frame.  

Mistake #2

Too much frame for too little painting. 

Too gigantic and ornate for such a delicate painting. I see that one flower touches the edge.  Two mistakes in one frame.

Something  positive:

I order almost all my frames from Franken Frames.  They custom cut to any size and have a wide variety of choices.  They are so nice to work with because if you need something to meet a deadline, they do their best to get it to you. 

I found some nice frames for my 6 x 6's that are narrow with a gold or silver band.  I'll have them ready for First Friday at LibertyTown Arts Workshop.