Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Painting Children

February 18, 2014 - Learning to Paint Children

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I should have included in my goals for the year that I want to learn more about how to paint children.  I've picked out the workshop I want to take and it is by Nancy Franke in Atlanta.  I've studied her paintings on her website and really like the way she captures a "moment in time" and keeps her brushstrokes very loose.  I'll include a link to her website.  http://nancyfranke.com/collections/5145

I done a few paintings of children, my grandchildren, and want to do more.  I went through all the steps I know for this one of Maddie baking her first cookies. 

Andrea, if you read this, I need a photo of Hannah (a moment in time).  She will be my next painting. 

Step 1 - Drawings- gestural, contour, then one showing lights and darks

Step 2 - block in the colors
Step 3- study for final painting

Finished painting - 8 x 8

Lillie and Maggie

I need more photos that show "a moment in time". 

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