Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 8, 2014    -     Show at FCCA - Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts

The juror, Karen Stinnett,  at the FCCA show gave a very helpful and meaningful talk before giving the awards and these are things   I want to remember.  This is from memory, but I think I got the important points.  She spoke of the things she kept in mind while deciding on the works she chose for the awards.  I need to remind myself everyday to think about these things.

1.  Think about the principles of design constantly while painting.  Pay attention to variety of line. She said the principles of design  are like the  grammar in writing. 

2. Presentation and framing are a part of the painting.

3.  Keep in mind the concept of what you are trying to say with the painting.  (The juror had a better way of putting this, but this is close).

I need reminding all the time.  This is what I keep near my easel.   My dog ate a corner of it which makes it even more meaningful. 

(Those numbers at the bottom remind me of my notes from the Ian Roberts book on composition)

My painting got honorable mention so that made me happy. 

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