Thursday, June 20, 2013

Workshop Info - Joe Anna Arnett ( an outstanding teacher)  She has a facebook page that shows many of her stunningly beautiful paintings. 
I am still painting everyday, but put most of those on Daily Paintworks
Painting  of mine done last year.  This is an Anna Belle Hydrangea, the petals are small than the one we are used to seeing, but I was keeping Joe Anna's voice in my head about having a shadow side, under-mixing color, neutral background.......

This helps me, too.  Re-reading my notes and selecting the most important points is a good exercise on its own.  I'll just hope it is helpful to someone else out there in blogland. 

I put most of my photos from the class on yesterday's post.  I still can't find the photo of the watermelon set-up.  That was my favorite from the class. 

I am just including highlights and tidbits of information.  The things I have to keep reminding myself to follow. 

 - The eye is fascinated by variety

-Painting and palette should be in the same light

-start with big brush

-center of interest does not have to be just one thing

-use thumbnails,  don't start too tight, almost do drawing at end

-cast shadow is only thing we have to show gravity,   consistency of tempertature is needed because it shows it lived in the same light

-undermix paint


irregularity is interesting

-add local color to shadows

-distance steals value, things disappear with distance

-crisp edges come forward

-people like to look at impasto, eye goes there first, eye will go to contrast

-establish darkest dark and lightest light


Photos from my next workshop with Robert Johnson.  I have been so lucky to take classes from these wonderful teachers. 


Both painted after that workhop.  Next blog I'll show work from class and photos of set-ups. 


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