Friday, June 21, 2013

Back to the subject of Marketing:

During the 30-day Marketing Challenge with Leslie Saeta, we were encouraged to let people know when something sells, and to spruce up our packaging.  I still need to add a nice bow, but want to buy those clear plastic bags first.  Now that I have decided on the frame size, I need to order bags, but in the meantime I think including the cards as a thank you make it a nice colorful surprise. 

The frames from my favorite, Franken Frames, gives the painting a nice finished look.  My husband puts paper and wire on the back so they look very professional. 
I still need to do a better job of advertising that the paintings are for sale. I have the DPW widget on the side panel of my blog, but half of the time I forget to put a link to DPW under the photo.  Here it is DAILY PAINTWORKS

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