Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's impossible not to develop your own style

 A question I used to have is how to develop your own style in your paintings,  but in classes and workshops that I've taken, the teachers always answered pretty much the same way saying it is impossible not to have your own style.  

My own theory is that your choices of instruction and studying other artists plays into that process.  I've noticed when deciding what class or workshop to take,  I usually look at the paintings of the teacher.  It's obvious, but i would never take a class from someone whose paintings I didn't like.  

I've been looking back at my own choices of classes and how they have influenced me.  In the end, I think you use a little of what you like from every class you take and before you know it you have your own style.  Maybe that is obvious, too.  

When I first started to paint and didn't even know about workshops, I was looking through an art magazine and noticed that a class was offered by the author of my favorite book at the time.  It seemed amazing to me how I could actually take a class from someone so accomplished.  There it was in the magazine.  I got online, signed my husband and me for the class and we attended the class in South Carolina, a great experience from a wonderful teacher.

To show you what I groupie I was, here is a photo of the teachers book that I had autographed.  In my next blog I'll tell you more about that workshop and other workshops that I have taken.    

Paintings that I did during and right after that class:


  1. You are a fast learner! A good post too!

  2. I have only taken two workshops in my life. I feel like I am missing an important piece but luckily there is video tape and DVD.
    I have noticed when other artists take workshops their work improves so it must work.

  3. You are so right the DVD's are great, too. Which ones are your favorites? One of my workshops was with Robert Johnson and I have a couple of his DVD's. He is a master of painting roses. He loves peonies like you (and me). Check out his book. There are peonies on the cover. It's called On Becoming an Artist. After Joe Anna Arnett, I plan to do a post on his workshop, too.