Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I read somewhere the value of having traditions in a family.  Each Christmas from the time my son was born I gave him a nutcracker (along with a few other things).  They started out being small and cheap, but as time went on I started to look for really nice ones.  We also would go out for lunch together before Christmas to pick out the nutcracker as he got older.  It was our tradition.  This is the year I will hand over the collection.  He has a family and a house with a fireplace for his nutcrackers.

A friend told me how she gives her granddaughter a painting for her birthday each year that represents the number of her birthday.  This year she is giving her one of  my paintings that shows 5 ducks in a row.  This tradition will get harder with time for sure, but what a nice idea. 

I saved more  things than I should have from my son's childhood, but I'm glad I did because they have given me great subjects to paint.  I've  done paintings of all of the baby shoes I saved.  The rubber duckies have come in handy, too.  Not exactly a tradition, just preserving memories. 

In the end, I think art has a lasting quality that helps us  remember special times. 

  My son's baby shoes:  I haven't parted with all of these yet. 

Ideas for gifts of art for new babies:  (I'll be showing these at Heather Boutique as soon as the paint dries)  I gave each of my new granddaughters, Hannah and Madeline, a dress like this now I need to do paintings for them, too.  The rubber duckie is one of treasures from my son's childhood. 


It's a Girl   It's a Boy

My friends birthday idea:

Happy Birthday 5 years old

This is the tradition for First Communion now.  Lillie was the first to make her First Communion last month. 

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  1. Great post, Carol. I enjoyed reading about your traditions, and I agree they are so important in a family. I saved just about everything for my sons, and am now gradually, but happily handing the collections over to them. Love those baby shoes!