Sunday, August 18, 2013


August 18, 2013

The sale yesterday was a big success.  It is because I followed the advice of Leslie Saeta and her co-host Dottie Leatherwoods.  They do a radio show called ARTISTS HELPING ARTISTS.  The last show I listened to suggested having some kind of sale during the summer and to do some advertising.  This is exactly what I did.  In the last couple of blogs you read about the steps I went through.  I  prepared myself mentally that maybe no one would show up, but it turned out that we had quite a crowd and made a lot of sales. 

I have concluded that marketing and business are definitely a part of being an artist.  Apparently a lot more people buy art online than in the past.  Social media and internet make it so much easier now. 

I included the widget for Artist Helping Artist on the right side of this page.  You can select the shows that interest you from all the ones that have been done.  This weeks show was about "To Blog or Not to Blog". 

Still the most important part of being an artist is to paint as often and as much as you can.  I got a little behind with the sale, but finished yesterday's painting of the donut and plan to start another today. 

This is a reminder to myself when I realized that marketing could be full time job and you wouldn't have time to paint and something is wrong with that picture. 

6 x 6

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  1. Good advice Carol. Artists helping Artists is new to me. I'll have to follow them!