Monday, August 12, 2013

Good ideas for subject to paint....

August 12, 2013

If your goal is to improve your painting skills like my goal,  here is a great opportunity: 

By now you know that I joined the Daily Paintworks website founded by Carol Marine and her husband.  There is a weekly challenge that I started doing and yesterday I discovered that you can go back and do the many earlier challenges, at least it looks that way to me. 

My challenge for yesterday is posted already.  The challenge was to paint your house.  A couple of weeks ago it was to paint a pet and photos were provided.  When I discovered I could go back and do older challenge it seemed like a way to try new things. 

Here is a challenge posted by Carol Marine. Your could use the photo provided of these cute little piggies or paint one of your own choice.  She said the ceramic pigs pictured in the photos could be purchased at HOBBY LOBBY.  I zoomed out and bought them and now can use them in future paintings, but I did this one from the photo provided.   

Click here for link to challenge

Ever since I took the Dreama Tolle Perry workship I've been using magenta on my palette.  In this painting I used three values, the darkest was magenta, the mid-value was permanent rose and the light was magenta mixed with white.  Within each big shape I used a warm and cool version of each value.   (the underpainting was Rembrandt's Transparent Red medium)

Challenge for a couple of week ago to paint from the photos provided

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