Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10, 2013

Catching up......


I was out of town for a week on a lovely trip to Denver where I got to see my family and visit places I like to go like the Denver Art Museum, Botanical Garden, Art League and some galleries. 

The Rothko Exhibit  ( click here to link to this site).  I included a link, much better than any of my photos.

I had never seen Rothko's work up close and was surprised at the way he applied the paint.  At least on some of those I saw the paint was fairly thin.  I had always imagined there to be a lot of texture.  Just the opposite was true in seeing Edward Hopper's paintings  up close the paint was very heavy in most of his paintings.  (that was on a trip to Boston)

At home, a lot of my paintings had a chance to dry so today I varnished a bunch.  My favorite varnish is GAMVAR by  Gamblin.  It is not too shiney, not too dull, but just right.  It has been recommended to me by past teachers.

Be sure to apply it evenly and let the paintings dry flat otherwise you might get drip marks.  Two thin coats are better than one heavy one.  Although one coat works fine.  Wear plastic gloves when you do this and use a soft lint-free cloth. 


I've only done one painting since I've been home.  I saw a show about pandas and how they are becoming extinct.

I also did my newsletter over the past two days.  If you want a copy, just enter your email address on top right corner of this page. 

I almost forgot  Summer Celebration Sale  (I reached my goal of 200 paintings on Daily Paintworks)  20% off all paintings, 50% off some of small ones at LibertyTown Arts Workshop, one day only.  12-5pm

August 17, 2013
12 Noon until 5 pm
LibertyTown Arts Workshop
Fredericksburg, VA

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