Thursday, November 20, 2014

The value of doing the same painting more than one time

November 20, 2014

Here is a photo that I took while driving on Princess Anne Street.  (not a recommended way to take photos)  I've always liked this view.  I did a 6x8 study which I thought might work in a larger size so I painted one that started with a white canvas and the other trying a new technique for me of using black for the drawing layer instead of burnt sienna or transparent red oxide.   The reason for using black is that I have been studying the work of Ken Auster and bought a DVD by him that I am waiting to receive.  His reason for using black is that it mixes with the following layer and introduces more grays into his colors. 

There is a great description of how Ken Auster starts his paintings and a summary of one of his workshops by Brian Buckrell on his blog.  He has an outstanding blog.  He is very generous in sharing what he has learned from different workshops.  His paintings are very beautiful, too, strong and dynamic.

6 x 8
photo of location9x12 - white canvas

8x10 - started with black on toned canvas

 I'm glad I tried three different ways of doing this painting.  I learned something from each one and can't wait to receive my DVD about painting street scenes from Ken Auster, another artist who uses loose brush work and abstract shapes.  I like that look. 


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