Monday, June 16, 2014

Inspiration from other Artists

June 16, 2014

I had the chance to listen to "Artist Helping Artists" this weekend.  An artist named Bill Davidson was interviewed who was very inspirational, but also gave some very practical advice.  I'll include a link to the show.  His blog is even more inspirational.  All this makes me want to take one of his workshops.  So far there are two workshops on my wish list:  Nancy Franke and Bill Davidson.  (There are many more now that I think about it).

This quote was in one of my sketchbooks and a good reminder.  I think it is from Richard Schmid.

"Talent is hard work sustained over a long period of time"    This is from memory so it may be a little different, but the message is there. 

Ready for another workshop.

I probably should take one in watercolor.  I keep playing around with it, but don't show much improvement.    (Link to radio show)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Demo of what I learned in Dreama Tolle Perry's Class

June 9, 2014

I would love to take another workshop with Dreama.  I have used the techniques learned in the class with her last Spring, but would like to take it up a notch and fine tune her use of brilliant color.  In the meantime I will just keep practicing.  I'm using this method for most of the paintings I do of local Fredericksburg emphasizing small flower gardens. 

Here is a step-by-step of the recent one I did of a house that is at the corner of Fauquier and Charles Street.  The painting is varnished and already at Heather Boutique on Caroline Street. 

Finished Painting 8 x 10

Step 1 - loose drawing of big shapes
Step 2 - transparent colors mixed with medium of 3pts gamsol, 2 parts linseed oil, 1 part damvar varnish

Step 3 - added the flowers with magenta and medium plus darkened up some areas.  The dark colors will later show through the opaque layer and help keep the color strong. 

Step 4 - did some re-drawing with the sculptor tool suggested by Dreama.
Step 5 - (wish I had taken a few more photos of this stage) - use opaque colors and colors mixed with white for the final layer.  Paint into transparent layer letting some darks peek through the top layer. 
Some last changes - after letting the painting sit overnight, I made a few changes.  I broke up the line of flowers and added some petals in the foreground. 
This is what I remember from the class.  If you ever have the chance, take one of Dreama Tolle Perry's Workshop.  She is such a fantastic teacher.
Examples of recent paintings done in this style

Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy National Donut Day

Who ate all these donuts?
(Most of these are from Paul's Bakery)
They are giving out a free donut and coffee to each customer.  We have already been there.  It was a great excuse to buy more donuts and paint at least one. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Color Mixing - Intensity

June 1, 2014

Color Mixing - I have learned that to make color look bright there is a need for mixing low intensity colors, too.  Colors (with high intensity or chroma) look brighter against neutrals and low intensity colors. 

I have been  watching videos from  the Artist Network TV  and Ian Roberts has a good one on color.  There was an exercise he recommends called the "color chip exercise". 

Attributes of every color include HUE, VALUE and INTENSITY.  The following exercise emphasizes learning to mix low intensity colors.  I usually went for the hue first, then added the complement and took it from there. 

1) Get paint chips from hardware store with low intensity.  I chose sort of a yellow, purple, green, and blue in different values.

This just show different values.

Exercise - glue chip to grid, match  as closely as possible in value and intensity with your own mix in 2nd grid,  the do the same thing in the 3rd grid with the color's complement. 

This black and white shows the similarity in value. 

I hope you can watch the Ian Roberts video.  I have written about Ian Roberts in older blogs especially his book on composition.  He explains so well the reasons there are for being able to adjust the intensity of colors especially in landscape painting. 

My next blog is about color brightness using Dreama Tolle Perry's technique of transparent and opaque colors.  I finally remembered to take step by step photos for one my recent paintings called "Corner of Fauqier and Charles.