Sunday, November 3, 2013

Learning to Paint -

November 3, 2013

SO MUCH TO LEARN - one of the things I like about painting, there's always more to learn.

I just invested in a three part DVD by Quang Ho.  I'll include a link to his site.  The first DVD is called "Nuts and Bolts" and is packed with so much outstanding instruction for a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced painter.   PUT THIS ON YOUR WISHLIST (link to Quang Ho's site)

Link to Pinterest board "Learn to Paint"

I've posted 10  of my own exercises/lessons from previous blogs  on pinterest.  The board on pinterest is called "Learn to Paint".  The lesson are out of order, but I numbered them so you can do them in order if you want.  Also listed are some recommended books and Quang Ho's DVD series. 

(For some reason pinterest doesn't allow you to move pins around on a board and that is why they are out of order)

SALES and Marketing - more to learn

Just Sold - the color of this photo is off and that is why I am now using a better camera and spending more time on taking better photos.  You should start to see an improvement.

New listing on ETSY


  1. Just a suggestion: Your comment on the colors off. Yes a camera can make a difference, but colors will still vary from computer to computer because very few people except photographers and page designers calibrate their monitors. If you don't calibrate your monitor even the new camera will not solve the problem because you'll adjust the colors on an uncalibrated monitor to match the original and then they'll vary for each person viewing. Hope that makes sense. Try downloading the free "Gimp" to play with photo manipulation before you go purchase the new camera.

    1. Thank you for this information. I need to investigate your suggestion of looking at the calibration of the monitor.