Monday, November 11, 2013


Challenge Exercise from Daily Paintworks

The challenge by Carol Marine was definitely worth doing.  To get the 4 studies done allowing 10 minutes each made me pace myself and keep to the basics.  I like the last one the best.  Here's the link all the entries including my own.  LINK TO CHALLENGE - yesterday's painting of pear. 

I  put all the exercises/lessons so far on the pinterest board "Learn to Paint".  They are all on the blog, but with pinterest at least they are organized in one place.  (link on sidebar)

24 x 30

Just to include a photo - recent painting experimenting mostly with edges and going for abstract shapes.  


  1. What happened to the Gerbers on DPW? I was so sure they were next to mine this morning. Maybe my days are blending together. Anyway I like your colors - they are bright and soft at the same time.

  2. They must move the paintings around during the day. I love your tractor painting. It caught my eye immediately today even before I know it was yours. Great one!