Sunday, November 10, 2013


November 10, 2013

I was looking at Daily Paintworks this am and thought I would check out the latest "Challenge".  I try to do these as often as I can.  It looks like such a good way to practice doing big brush strokes and getting them in the right place.  Here is the link: CHALLENGE  I'll post mine tomorrow. 

(This photo was taken with my husband's camera, Cannon Eos,30D. I had to read the book to learn how to use it because it is so complicated. Does it look any better than usual?  Plus I used the color adjustment on picassa for more accurate color. 

 Here are a few of the painting I put on ETSY.  So far I only have 10 or 11.

  As soon as I get to 25, then I will mention it in my newsletter and include a coupon.  If you want the coupon code it will be "THANKU25" (25% discount).  I'll go ahead and activate it.  Two sold, but I thought there would be more activity with "Views".   I think maybe you have to advertise within ETSY.  Maybe in December I will try doing that.     With Daily Paintworks, ETSY, Pinterest, and FACEBOOK I am at my limit of things to track.  Painting is what I like to do best so beyond this it would definitely interfere with time to paint.   If you are going to start a business, I think FACEBOOK is a good way to start, then try Daily Paintworks.  It is an education  and inspiration to look at the work of so many talented artists on that site and a great motivator to paint as much as you can. 

I finally figured out how to link DPW to ETSY.  It took me a week.  


  1. You inspired me. First I will try the challenge, it was already on my to do list. Then I will look into etsy and facebook. I had to have a friend link Dailypaintworks to my blog because I couldn't figure it out.

  2. Hi Sandra,
    The challenge was fun to do, but there was definitely pressure to get each one finished in 10 minutes. Learning about linking and the technical part of setting these sites up is the real challenge. Most of time I just jump in and learn as I go. I'm sure I've made lots of mistakes that I don't even know about.