Sunday, October 12, 2014

Study the work of other artists

Artist to Admire

Carol Carmichael  is another artist to admire.  Check out her work at her blog and at Daily Paintworks.  She has over 700 paintings listed with lovely brushwork.    She very generously shared what she learned about an artist she admires named Nancy Franke, someone  I would like to take a workshop from, too.  Click on her name here which will take you to her blog. 

Keep painting.  Mine from yesterday shown here.  (very loose brushwork)

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  1. Thanks Carol! You have some great things going on. You are using nice, loose brushwork with great use of light and color. Congratulations on your recent "best of show" award as well. You will have a great time with Nancy and learn lots. She works harder than most any teacher I have taken from. Has the energy of a five year old. Best to you!