Friday, May 30, 2014

Tool for keeping your values strong

May 30, 2014


From different teachers I have heard many times in different ways - value does all the work and color gets all the credit.

On her blog Sue Williams talked about a tool she uses and it is a great idea.  Here is a link to her blog.  Please take a look at her paintings, too.  The first shown called "Arrived"  really uses shapes and values for its success.  It just twinkles.

Thank you, Sue, I made this tool immediately.  I like the size of yours better, but I had this scrap of wood leftover from a painting.  Next time I will make a bigger one. 
While you are painting if you have a question about the value of your choice paint right on the board to check your value . 

I did a lot of thinking about value in this painting.  I like these two colors together.

Note:  Patti Mollica's book Color Theory   covers this topic very well.  Sue learned about this from one of Patti's videos from YouTube as she mentions on her blog.  I recommend Patti's book and any of her DVD's.  She is also a master of very strong brushwork, too.  The book is concise and packed with information, one of my favorites. 

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  1. Thank you, Carol! This is what blogging is to me. Learning from artist friends and sharing. A common saying when I was a teacher was "none of us is as smart as all of us." Your painting is lovely and the values are right on.