Monday, May 19, 2014

Color Board - Anders Zorn

May 19, 2014

I have long admired the work of Anders Zorn, but have been too cheap to buy a book showing his art.  A fellow artist reminded me about him so I did a little research and found an exercise similar to Richard Scmid's color boards.

Anders Zorn is known for his limited palette of yellow ochre, cad red,  ivory black and white.  According to what I read he may have also used cerulean blue and viridian.  I just can't get very good green without using the CB or V.

I'm almost finished with the grids of mixing every color with every other color.  It has been worth doing because it reminded of colors that I should use more often.  I think you can get into the habit of using the same mixes that become your favorites.  Doing the exercise gave a new way of thinking about color even if I don't stick with that limited palette. 

Colors I used:

Not finished yet, but will post the finished one with better labeling soon.  (I got so excited about doing this that I thought maybe somebody else might want to give it a try and get started right away).

More info at this link:

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