Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Questions that I ask myself at the end of a painting.  ( I keep adding to this list)


Are the darks dark enough?
  (If there is something wrong, it is usually this, other than a major drawing error)

Are there at least 5 strong values?

Is there enough variety?

Did I plan my composition?

Are there too many shapes and values?

Are there soft and hard edges?
Light against light soft edge?
Dark against dark edges?

Is there a dominance of either darks or lights?

Did I simplify shapes?

Are these interesting abstract shapes?

Is there thin paint on the shadow side?

Is there heavy paint on the light side or center of interest?

Is there thick paint anywhere?

Pattern of lights?

Pattern of darks?

I remembered to take photos of this one and will include on next blog

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