Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sometime I just like to mix colors........
Mixing Complementaries  - great grays
This chart was set up to show what happens when you mix complementary colors.
The first column of each set shows the full strength color at the top and bottom of the chart.  The second column shows what happens when you tint each color with white.  The third column was meant to show what happens when you mix an analogous color with the complementary sets.  I never finished that part, but you can see from the red, orange and blue that the color gets brighter.
Mixing complements does two things.
When adding just a little complement (2nd rows from top and bottom) the color gets darker and duller.  As your progress to the middle the mixes keep getting duller until the mix in the middle is gray.  You can get some great grays this way, warm ones, cool ones......
How to make a color darker
How to make a color duller
How to make a color lighter
How to make a color brighter  (besides adding the analogous color, either lighter or darker, you have to keep your brush really clean.  

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