Sunday, March 10, 2013

a balanced diet

20in x 11 in

I really like painting donuts for a lot of reasons.  In the past week I've eaten more donuts than in the last twenty years.  It is an endless subject and great reason to buy them.  I said the one with pink frosting was my last one, but maybe not.  The fourth one up is the one I was waiting for because it was filled with something white and fluffy.  I froze them in between painting times, but that one  was still good.  My husband will eat the rest of them.  (It took a lot to balance them,  they fell over a few times.)


  1. Love your donut stack. Looks like you got it just before it fell over. They do look yummy.

  2. thank you, they did fall over a couple of times, but a fun subject to paint.