Saturday, February 6, 2016

Display Your Paintings in a Room Setting

February 6, 2016

Leslie Saeta displays her paintings so well in room settings and gave some ideas of how to do this on her blog.  Here is the link:

I started doing this on facebook by just taking a photo of one hanging in my dining room.  As a result of this post,  I received some great ideas from facebook friends.  Thank you

Although I just blundered through this first one and it might have worked by accident, I will try to figure it out.  Below is the link to the APP.  I think you can even pull in your own room photos.  This is a good start. 

Display your paintings in a room setting  (link to APP)

My example shows a painting which is really an 8x8 painting, but it in the room setting it looks gigantic. 

I need to start painting bigger or find a way to display my small paintings in groups. 

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