Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 15, 2015 - Happy St. Patrick's Day

This show gave me some good ideas about blog writing.  Leslie Saeta interviewed Dreama Tolle Perry. 

Click here for radio show about 10 ways to write a better blog

Also, I need feedback, questions about topics that might interest you. Just write the questions in comments at the bottom of each post.   I was thinking about showing different ways to start a painting.    I start my own in different ways depending on the subject and how I want the painting to look in the end. 

This canvas  was toned with Indian yellow at the beginning, then I did my drawing with burnt sienna, both added to make the painting feel warm.

I used Rembrandt Transparent Red to tone the gessobord for this one because I want the geraniums to really sing.


  1. Beautiful, Carol! I really love love love the geraniums! And I like the idea of showing ways to start a painting!

  2. Lovely paintings, Carol! Thank you for sharing your tips and techniques! I've commented something about this before, but your step by step photos from start to finish help me see why and how to get through a painting. I'm probably a couple hours away from any cities that have workshops --- (other than Bob Ross type paintings... don't get me wrong I love Bob Ross... he seemed like such a kind, talented painter... but his style isn't what I want to paint) --- and I would love to see even more step by step and in-progress paintings. Do you have online workshops?