Thursday, March 24, 2016

Inspiration for abstract painting

March 24, 2016

Fredericksburg Plein  Air Artists painted at Snead's Farm yesterday.  We have been so lucky having beautiful weather. 

The first thing that grabbed me was the pink color of the peach blossoms.  I love pink.  It made me think about painting an abstract based on that color.  Since I like to do a small study before a big painting I mixed lots of tints of pink both warm and cool and of neutrals and painted a 6x6.  I used warm white for most of this and cool neutrals.  There is a little spring green there. 

I kept what I have learned about composition in my mind and maybe still need to add some darks.  I think I will be brave and paint a 24x30 or 36x36. 

(I took a photo on my phone of the location, but don't know how to add it here from there.)


  1. So lucky, wish we had that beautiful weather here in Maine so I could go out and do some plein air! Sleet and freezing rain today. Love your color palette here Carol!

    1. Don't you love plein air painting? Being a part of the group in town that meets once/week has pushed me to get out. It,s been nice to talk with other artists, too.