Friday, October 9, 2015

Daily Paintworks

Thank you Daily Paintworks
This painting was chosen as a "Judges Pick" for the month of October so this means my paintings are shown at the top of the gallery page for this month.  I feel very honored to be chosen for this.  Thank you.  It is a good idea to enter this contest.  If you aren't a member of DPW, I encourage that, too.  It's really given me a more disciplined approach to painting by painting every day and posting each day on the website.  Here is a link to Daily Paintworks.  Plus I have had to become more organized with record keeping and filing my paintings.  My spread sheet is nothing to write home about, but for the most part I know where each painting is.   


  1. Congratulations Carol, lovely colours in your painting!

  2. This would look fabulous on my wall. Still available?

  3. Sorry I missed this comment. This painting is in a show at Water Street Studio in Fredericksburg, Va. The opening was last night and the painting is still available. Here is a link to their website: Thank you for your interest