Saturday, August 23, 2014

Workshop with Nancy Tankersley

Workshop with Nancy Tankersley in Easton, Maryland

I love Nancy's paintings and that made me want to take the workshop.  She opened up a new way of thinking about and using photos. 

Nancy's emphasis on using photos as tools and references hit home for me.  She uses the photos to help design the painting, not as something for copying.  Her use of notan and the use of value-viewer added to the useful information. 

The workshop was the perfect balance of demos, instruction, paint time and individual help.  It always takes me some time at home to incorporate new ideas, but you can tell I am glad that I took this workshop. 

Here are links to Nancy's website and info about workshops in Easton, Maryland, a beautiful place and not that far from Fredericksburg, VA.   Plus Nancy is having a show in September in Easton.

As time goes on I will add  more details about the workshop. I have to apply some of what I learned and go over my notes a few times. 

For now here are some of the paintings I worked on in class and the first one I did when I got home. 


In case you have never been to Fredericksburg, Virginia, this was on Facebook and a good look at our city.  It made me want to do more paintings for my "series".  I did an 11 x 14 of William Street in class, but here is the study for it. 

Fredericksburg, Va - Youtube

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