Saturday, August 2, 2014

Taking Photos of Art

Wow, this was welcome information to me.  Thank you, Lynn, for sending this to me. 

Here is a link to "how to take photos of art"  on youtube.  It was very useful information.  I was so encouraged when I saw that the instructor used a little camera very similar to mine, not a giant and complicated camera that people who know what they are doing use.

Here is a photo I took using some of what I just learned.  I'm still investigating the "white balance" issue. 

I need to watch this before I take every photo of my art from now on until it is second nature. 

My first photo:
I looked at the video again and zoomed in with the camera feature rather than just getting close to the painting.   

This one looks closer to the actual color.  The first photo isn't as accurate in color because the background is more of an apricot color.  I see improvement though. 

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