Friday, September 11, 2015

Things I like about painting outside

I like being outside

Doing studies gives me enough drawing information to do a bigger painting in my studio.

You can do a better drawing than using a photo because the angles are not exaggerated the way a camera does.

It's a chance to get better color for a bigger painting.  Even if I get a smattering of the color it helps me when I get back home. 

It helps to paint faster. 

Improves memory because once you paint something you never forget the place.  The first painting was done from the memory I had of this setting when I painted there a couple of years ago.

(Donated to Friends of the Rappahannock event coming up soon)

This 8x10 was my study from the day we painted here.  (I changed this a little at home.  That high contrast are in the middle towards the front was too strong.)

12 x 16 (on DPW and my website)
Painted when I got home using photos and the study done at the location.  I did add color that wasn't there, but I like a lot of color.  Even though I add color being there gives you ideas for later. 

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