Monday, April 6, 2015

Thank You

April 6, 2015


Thank you for coming to the Trunk Show with Melanie Edwards at Heather Boutique.  I enjoyed talking with everyone.  I learned firsthand how Melanie creates her beautiful collages.  She is overflowing with creativity.  Check out her facebook page to see some of the art she creates.  Melanie's Facebook Page.  I got to spend the day at Heather's, also a treat.  Heather's Facebook Page Thank you,  Heather, for inviting me to do this show. 

Kathy, if you are reading this I bought gifts for the girls' teachers made by Melanie.  I'll  mail them to you. 

On top of this, I got to talk with people about art, my favorite subject.  I apologize if I talked your ears off about the subject. 


My focus from now until next winter is painting outside as often as I can.  So far there about 6 Fredericksburg painters who go out every Wednesday morning.  We've been to Chatham 2 times.  It's a lovely place to paint.  The first time was very cold and my husband and I didn't venture very far from the car.  I still stuck by my plan to do a couple of color studies, then do a studio painting at home. 

In the next couple of blogs, I'll include my steps with photos.  Here is a pic of the painting.  Tomorrow I'll include the studies and drawing. 


  1. This is beautiful, very loose and atmospheric. I plan to get out and plein aire paint this year also but I'll wait another month until things start to turn green. Most of the snow is gone though and that's definitely a plus.

    1. Thanks, Sandra, I'm really making an effort to get outside and paint. I love your landscapes. It is fun to paint outside, always so peaceful and it's nice to be with other artists. Today I noticed things are really starting to get green. Glad your snow is finally gone!