Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

One of my last paintings for 2014. 
"Dance into the New Year"
(It might sound a little corny, but I think there is a song with a message like this and I always thought it was good advice. 

Since my goal for every year is always to improve my paintings, this "Keys to Improvement" caught my attention.  I read it on a blog and wrote down the three points, but forgot to write down the address of the blog.   Thank you to this blogger for putting this together. 


1.  Practice the parts that make up the whole. 
2.  Purposeful practice makes perfect.
3.  Find a mentor.

My mentors don't even know they are mentors.  I watch and re-watch my DVD's by artists I admire and watch Carol Marine's Tutorials on DPW.  Thank you to Carol Marine for inspiring so many artists.  It was an article that I read by her in Professional Artist magazine several years ago that motivated me to join DPW and participate in a more disciplined way in daily painting.  Before that I was painting almost everyday, but felt stuck and didn't see progress. 

If you didn't get her book for Christmas, order it from Amazon.  Here is the link:

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  1. These shoes are charming. The book is fabulous. I am learning so much